Lifting the Mom Veil of Perfection

Sometimes I feel as though moms today have so much pressure on them to be “perfect”. The perfect partner, the perfect mom, and other unattainable pressures that we place upon ourselves. I almost equate it to being the picture perfect Instagram fitness model. I don’t know about you, but I am nowhere near the perfect mom. Why are there these underlying pressures mom place upon themselves? Is it to over compensate for what we feel our own parents lacked when we were children? Is it social media? Whatever the case may be, moms I bet you’re doing far better than you realize.

Social media reinforces this idyllic “perfect” lifestyle that only some seem to be living. The beautifully matched outfits. The Pinterest perfect themed birthday parties. The posts about their babies hitting their milestones early, leaving some moms to wonder why their own child hasn’t hit that mark yet. I’m not jealous by any means. If you can be that mom, kudos to you! We see the highlight reels of people’s lives on social media and then too many people compare themselves to this. On social media everyone wants to see smiling, happy people. As moms, we want to give our very best every day to our children. As we peruse people’s profiles we may follow, we can unconsciously compete with these moms and it can feel like our personal best just isn’t good enough. To be honest, screw that! There are enough feelings of not measuring up to go around.

I am by no means a perfect parent. I identify more with the real life, everyday type moms. You know, the ones that live in yoga pants, wear messy buns, who have a full day of wiping snotty noses, cleaning the house multiple times a day in between making all the meals for everyone, and still crushing life.

I especially applaud those moms who are trying to work through their own sh*t in life. It takes serious energy to stop, evaluate your life, and figure out the slightly broken parts of yourself in order to be a better human being and parent. Shout out to thee mom dragging herself out of bed and just laying on the couch, cuddling her littles because that’s all the strength she can muster just to be semi-human that day.

Life is messy and beautiful all at once. Stop trying to be perfect and just try each day to be a better you every day. Perfection is unattainable. Someone will always do it better than you because they have their own personal style to everything.

Here are just a few ways to know that you’re doing things “right”.

  1. You hug your kids, tell them that you love them, and in some way let them know that you see them. Like really SEE them for the wonderful being they are.
  2. You laugh often with them.
  3. You hear what they have to say. I’m not just talking acknowledging their existence, but phone down, looking at them and listening to all they have to say. It’s exhausting, I know, but little people need to know they’re heard too.

Lift the veil of perfection. Share those messy stories. The no makeup selfies. Be vulnerable and real, and most of all, be your imperfect self and be grateful for the time you have with your family. Life goes by too fast to compare ourselves to others.

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